Our Values

Breach doesn’t hide behind lame old excuses and we take responsibility for our business conducts and our approaches. If any of our community members or employees see unethical or inappropriate behaviors stemming up, they are encouraged to speak up and we’ll welcome their voices.
Breach uses the Blockchain and Web 3.0 to ensure the platform is accessible to as many people internationally as possible. We want everyone to have the best tools available at their fingertips to help them improve their quality of life and be independent.
The Blockchain and Web 3.0 are some of the best tools today that ensure our community’s data belongs to them. We use on-device data processing and on-chain data storage to create a private ecosystem. As a social platform, public information will be in the public domain by its nature, but other sensitive information of our community remains private to them.
Breach believes in change and innovation. Everything we have today can be better and we work hard to integrate the best and greatest innovations to make Breach the best it can be and will always utilize the best technologies that come along in the future to sustain Breach as the innovator in the Blockchain, Web 3.0, Metaverse, NFT, AI, ML, and more technologies.
We believe in fair-play games. That includes profit. Gamers should not waste their money on items that they can’t sell, they can’t trade, they can’t rent. Gamers and content creators should be treated fairly. You own your profile and earn from your interactions, content, play time, NFTs, and more.
We want to Breach All The Things. Breach The Future. We have our goals and how they are done is up to our employees. Flexibility is core, no old work-from-office-only policies. No old 9-to-5 work-only policy. Get the work done and enjoy your day. Our flexibility value extends to our community as well.